Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of Dandyman!

This award-winner will be performing his ridiculously raucous routines, fantastically funny feats of stupidity whilst taking you on a fun filled journey of the absurd. Let your imaginations run wild as Dandyman creates circus-inspired magical moments of mayhem, complete with goofy games, fun competitions, prizes, funny facts and very funny faces.

If you have not experienced this exceptional artist before, then BUY a ticket now before it’s too late.

"an exemplary example of physical comedy" Sydney Morning Herald"

"Daniel Oldaker has that rare combination of theatrical and circus skills that brings much needed unity to physical comedy performances" Adelaide Advertiser

“Daniel Oldaker maximizes the subtlety of live performance, often using little more than his eyebrows to get huge laughs from the audience”
★★★★★ CBC Manitoba

Photos by John W McCormick

dandyman greed

dandyman hands