Fresh funky and quite literally dripping with comedy goodness.
Frighteningly funny and powerfully poetic, an unforgettable journey of
extraordinary imagery.

daniel oldaker live flavor

Daniel Oldaker's Live Flavor is difficult to wedge into a nutshell for the sake of a review.
It's a one man show comprising of three characters, each distinguished by very minor change in attire, but very major change in temperament. The routine sees a corporate presentation amalgamate (in a dream-like fashion) with a cooking demonstration whilst being sporadically interrupted by a forecasts of a fortune-teller.

It sounds outlandish, that's because it is. It defies definition, but 'absurd' would be one of few words that is applicable. 'Unconventional' is another.

Presented with exceptional energy, the show demonstrates Oldaker's live perfromance skills while constantly sunverting the conventions of comedy and circus, withdrawing the predictabililty to offer a genuinely unique Festival experience. The faint hint of social satire is a welcome, if subtle, inclusion.

The Pun - Jonathon Rivett